Sears Dixie Invitational 2013

Since Jeremy won the purchase prize at the 2012 Sears Dixie Invitational, he had the pleasure (read: unfortunate responsibility) of judging this year's show.  He told me (his wife) that it was hard work, but I paid him little mind as the kids and I went shopping, rode funny little cars, and ate and ate and ate.
Don't the girls look smashing in their new dresses?

 We did stop by briefly and got this photo of Jeremy with his painting Shoshone Dolls.  Doesn't he look handsome?!

Jeremy also had the pleasure (read: unfortunate responsibility) of presenting an hour long symposium on his art and life.  If there's one thing Jeremy loves, it's talking about himself and his art (sarcasm)

After the symposium and the dinner, we were well fed with dinner, music, speakers, and the announcement of this year's purchase prize winner.  Then, with much anticipation and excitement the gallery doors were opened to buyers.  We all enjoyed ourselves looking at the art and visiting with the other artists.  It was fun to see Jeremy get asked by several people if they could have his signature. Our daughter, Swede thought that was about the coolest thing ever.

 With the weather being so nice compared to Northern Utah where we hail from, we decided to spend one more night down south and we visited Las Vegas.  I'm sure crazier things have happened than spending the evening on The Strip on a Saturday night with three little girls...but, not for us...atleast, it's been a while;)

Thank you Dixie State University for putting together such a fun show.  Now, we have to suffer through the rest of this Northern Utah winter.

Next stop, The Art & Soup Celebration where Jeremy is the Featured Artist this year!
Good job, Daddy!  We're so proud of you!!

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