Latest Work

     Jeremy has always been passionate about painting images of Native Americans.  Check out this drawing that he did when he was 5!

   He has been continuing with this passion by painting the day-to-day life of Native Americans.  If he could, he would paint this type of paintings all day.  But, between commissions & getting ready for different shows, he doesn't get to work on them as much as he would like.  However, we just had a really great photo shoot last week with a few really terrific models so you can look forward to seeing some more original paintings in the near future.  He has consulted a historian to get all the details correct and it's really fun and interesting to see these paintings come alive!

   Anyway, the new paintings should be coming within the next 2 months or so.  In the meantime, here are some of the already completed paintings of the series:
Gathering for Winter
This is Jeremy's latest Native America piece.
It shows a family of the Shoshone Tribe gathering berries.
I love the fall colors.  I feel like I could be standing there
helping them get ready for the long winter they have ahead of them.

Mother's Helper
Mom is busy gathering the water,
the daughter is distracted by a butterfly.

Little Flower
A portrait of a young Shoshone.
I enjoy seeing the more abstract background.

Shoshone Dolls
The mother in this painting
uses a porcupine quill brush on her daughter's hair.

In Good Hands
Mother and daughter prepare a fire inside the teepee.
Stay tuned for more great paintings soon! If you want to see all of Jeremy's western artwork click here.

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