Afternoon in the Old West

Last Friday, we took our three girls out of school a couple hours early to take them to The American West Heritage Center for a photo shoot. It was like a personal family field trip.  All of the kids really enjoyed it and we got a lot of great reference photos for paintings from it.

Now, I can't give you all of the details of the top-secret project Jeremy and Larry are working on but, I will tell you this:  Larry's painting takes place in the old timey blacksmith shop.  Here's a sneak peek:

 One of our models, a welder by trade, called the huge anvil "sexy" which gave us all a good laugh.  There is someone who really appreciates metal!

The girls loved seeing all the wildlife and chasing after the peacocks.  The baby peacocks were uber adorable!

Our son Viggo modeled for us.  We stripped him down to just a pair of overalls and made him pose for us in the freezing cold farm house. He was a trooper!  We kept him entertained by giving him snacks and letting him (gently) play with the old timey kitchen items. The photos that were taken of him really couldn't be any cuter!  Jeremy and I joined in the fun by dressing up, too and getting photographed.  I don't think Jeremy has ever painted himself into one of his paintings...this might be a first!  Maybe in a few weeks and I might be able to show you the paintings they're creating.  I'm excited to see the finished work!

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