Saint George Art Festival 2015

We headed down south to the St. George Art Festival last week.  We didn't know what to expect, it was our first time there.  We have been to several art festivals, including Summerfest in our local Logan, Utah and Swiss Days in Midway, Utah so we sort of expected the same.  But, there were some key differences at the St. George festival that made it stand out for us. 

Zion's Light

First, the atmosphere just seemed a little more chill.  It may be because it's a smaller show, less tents and more room to maneuver between tents with your big ol' stroller or what not.  Or, it may be because parking was easy to find and there were no cumbersome "2 hour parking only" signs (like at Summerfest) or bus-loads of people being shipped in (like at Swiss Days).  

So, the atmosphere was nice and relaxed and secondly, it was very kid-friendly.  Maybe this is just the way Saint George is all the time, but our kids absolutely adored the Carousel in the downtown square and the water park and splash pad.  The city of Saint George has done an excellent job at making their downtown family-friendly and other cities could definitely take a page out of the St. George handbook.

The city of Saint George awarded Jeremy a purchase award for his painting Zion Reflections. That was a fun surprise.

Climbing at Pioneer Park was a fun way to spend the evenings after the show.  Jeremy is totally obsessed with rock climbing so this was a great place for him.  The weather was very nice, especially compared to our hometown that had high temps in the 50s..bbrrrr! 

Hello, from Jeremy

Hello, from Viggo

The girls are so good about helping with the baby.
Viggo: King of the Rock

Ingrid: Queen of The Rock

Jeremy: Looking Manly

Just thought this pic is cute...double chin:)
It was a little weird for us celebrating Easter in a hotel room but the Easter Bunny found us there and the kids loved it.

Happy Easter!

Thank you St. George Art Festival for a great Spring Break!  Looking forward to next time!

For information on next years show, you can follow us on Facebook HERE and you can follow the Saint George Art Festival HERE.

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